SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 32

Coral Reef Biology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Marie Strader

32  32-1 Gallery, DN*; Green, ML; Kuffner, IB; Lenz, EA; Toth, LTGenetic diversity of the mustard hill coral (Porites astreoides) along the Florida Keys Reef Tract 
32  32-3 Rippe, JP*; Moreland, KN; Baumann, JH; Aichelman, HE; Castillo, KD; Davies, SW; Matz, MVCoral connectivity on the Belize Barrier Reef: Water clarity, not temperature, drives genetic differentiation in Siderastrea siderea 
32  32-4 Strader, ME*; Speare, KE; Howe-Kerr, LI; Correa, AMS; Hofmann, GENitrate enrichment has lineage specific effects on Pocillopora adults, but little carry-over effects in larvae 
32  32-6 Scott, CB*; Toth, L; Rohland, N; Mah, M; Reich, D; Matz, MGhosts of coral past: Applications of ancient dna methodology to carribean coral reef cores 
32  32-7 Lane, A*; Benayahu, Y; McFadden, CSBiogeography of soft corals in the Indo-Pacific assessed using DNA barcodes 
32  32-8 Kriefall, NG*; Rippe, JP; Castillo, KD; Davies, SWTesting the resilience of coral microbial networks to disturbance 
32  32-9 Lebeck, B; Kiefer, V; Winkler, M; Eareckson, C; Lippert, M; Hill, M*Size-selective mortality in the large bodied sponge Ircinia campana and changes in mesograzer crustacean populations and communities after Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys