SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 39

Ecomorphology II
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Kate Riordan

39  39-1 Stayton, CTConsistent but weak evolutionary correlation between predator bite force and turtle shell strength: complex selection in a simple defensive armor 
39  39-2 Welc, M*; Wolak, MEEcomorphological variation in shell shape of stripe-necked musk turtles (Sternotherus peltifer) 
39  39-3 Bastiaans, D*; Herbst, EC; Scheyer, TMBringing fossils back to life: 3D cranial reconstructions of the highly flattened remains of Thalattosauriformes 
39  39-4 Tingle, JL*; Garland, TMorphological evolution in relation to sidewinding, arboreality, and precipitation in snakes of the family Viperidae 
39  39-5 Maher, AE*; Cox, PG; Maddox, TW; Bates, KTThe evolution of body shape in terrestrial tetrapods 
39  39-6 Hodge, JR*; Friedman, ST; Wainwright, PC; Price, SALinking body form to ecological function in coral reef fishes 
39  39-7 Rueger, T*; Bardwaj, A; Turner, E; Buston, PVertebrate growth plasticity in response to variation in a mutualistic interaction 
39  39-8 Maruf, MA*; Elhamod, M; Mandke, PK; Karpatne, ABiology-guided neural network for fish trait discovery 
39  39-9 Diamond, KM*; Kwon, RY; Maga, AMMeasuring craniofacial variability in zebrafish using computational anatomy 
39  39-10 Orbach, DN*; Brassey, CA; Gardiner, JD; Brennan, PLRThree-dimensional shape analysis with no landmarks: Insights from marine mammal vaginas 
39  39-11 Rolfe, SM*; Porto, A; Pieper, S; Winchester, J; Boyer, D; Summers, A; Maga, AMSlicerMorph: A toolkit for morphometric analysis of high-resolution specimen data