SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 4

Complementary to S3: Physical Mechanisms of Behavior (Locomotion)
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Alejo Rico-Guevara

4  4-1 Flammang, BE*; Marras, S; Anderson, EJ; Lehmkuhl, O; Mukherjee, A; Cade, DE; Beckert, M; Nadler, JH; Houzeaux, G; Vázquez, M; Amplo, HE; Calambokidis, JRemoras pick where they stick on blue whales 
4  4-2 Garner, AM*; Pamfilie, AM; Dhinojwala, A; Niewiarowski, PHTokay geckos (Gekkonidae: Gekko gecko) preferentially use substrates that elicit maximal adhesive performance 
4  4-3 Pierce, CJ*; Sun, G; Lu, H; Goldman, DILaboratory studies of burrowing locomotion in nematodes 
4  4-4 Berberi, I*; Segre, PS; Altshuler, DL; Dakin, RUnpredictable hummingbirds: Flight path entropy is constrained by speed and wing loading 
4  4-5 Nirody, JA*; Duran Rosario, LA; Johnston, D; Cohen, DJTardigrade stepping pattern is robust to changes in orientation and substrate 
4  4-6 Wang, Y*; Othayoth, R; Li, CUncovering the role of head flexion during beam obstacle traversal of cockroaches 
4  4-7 Kane, SA; Bien, T; Contreras-Orendain, L; Ochs, MF; Hsieh, ST*Spotted lanternfly nymphs stick the landing using multiple self-righting behaviors 
4  4-8 Bressman, NR*; Morrison, CH; Ashley-Ross, MAReffling: a novel locomotor behavior used by Neotropical armored catfishes (Loricariide) in terrestrial environments