SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 41

Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Aaron Olsen

41  41-1 Olsen, AMTranslating fish skull science into a product: My first year launching an employee-owned animal anatomy and mechanics bio-design company 
41  41-2 White, BJ*; Jackson, BECoconuts not included: Merging art with real data to animate bird flight 
41  41-3 Cohen, RE*; Land, AM; Martensen, BF; Sharlin, DS; Smith, BATransforming the undergraduate curriculum – engaging first year students in authentic research experiences 
41  41-4 Steffenson, MM*; Lucas, LThe effect of learning space management on student engagement 
41  41-5 Kissane, KCTeaching during a pandemic: observations of students' reactions to different teaching formats 
41  41-6 Woodley, SKFour years of community-engaged learning in a summer undergraduate research program: successes and lessons learned 
41  41-7 Voltzow, J*; Karpiak, CP; Mulhall, D; Muir, SRoyal Scholars: An NSF S-STEM program to support science identity in low-income STEM students in Pennsylvania 
41  41-8 Sanders, BC*; Ruhl, NExploring the nature and process of science with abnormal frogs 
41  41-9 Sharpe, SLDeveloping LGBTQIA+ inclusive biology content and classrooms 
41  41-10 Harrison, JF*; Henry, JR; Ostwald, M; Glass, JRCan we teach the learning objectives of an animal physiology lab online? 
41  41-11 Perry, O*; Zornik, ECrescent Loom: Weaving and unravelling biophysical motor circuits in an online learning activity 
41  41-12 Ilyas, Z; Brar, N; Shin, J; Hansen, AK; Telemeco, RS; Müller, UK*How is COVID19 affecting scientific publishing – a study of a conference-proceedings journal 
41  41-13 Challener, RCTeaching a women-in-science course: lessons from a biologist