SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 46

Environmental Effects on Physiology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Nicholas Teets

46  46-1 Arango, BG*; Ensminger, DC; Harfush-Meléndez, M; López-Reyes, EM; Marmolejo-Valencia, JA; Merchant-Larios, H; Crocker, DE; Vázquez-Medina, JPOxidative stress is a potential cost of synchronized nesting aggregations in olive ridley sea turtles 
46  46-2 Birrell, JH*; Woods, HADo aquatic insects exploit microclimates of temperature, oxygen, and flow to mitigate low-oxygen availability? 
46  46-3 Teets, NM*; Spacht, DE; Potts, LJ; Gantz, JD; Lee, RE; Denlinger, DLMicrohabitat diversity influences physiology and phenology in an Antarctic insect 
46  46-4 King, EE*; Stillman, JH; Williams, CMHot and short of breath: High temperature and hypoxia regulates performance and habitat range in an invasive snail  
46  46-5 Murphy, TE*; Rees, BBThe effect of short-term hypoxia on HIF mRNA levels in Fundulus grandis 
46  46-6 Farhat, E*; Turenne, ED; Choi, K; Devereaux, MEM; Pamenter, ME; Weber, JMChampions of hypoxia tolerance adjust membrane cholesterol and downregulate metabolism to cope with chronically-low oxygen 
46  46-7 Griffin, RA*; Boyd, A; Blewett, TAFeeling a little crabby from hunger: branchial amino acid uptake in arthropods  
46  46-8 Tylan, C*; Langkilde, TMetabolic effects of consumption of and stings from fire ants, an invasive predator and prey of native lizards 
46  46-9 Hou, Z*; Fuiman, LAMaternal diet affects utilization of endogenous lipids by red drum embryos and early larvae  
46  46-11 Peralta Martinez, KY*; Trevelline, BK; Martinez-Mota, R; Dearing, MD; Derting, T; Pasch, B; Kohl, KDUnderstanding how fiber-induced increases in gut size help to maintain optimal digestion in rodents