SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 47

Evo-Devo: Deep Homology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Nicole Webster

47  47-1 Webster, NB*; Meyer, NPNature or nurture: autonomous or conditional specification of the nervous system in spiralians 
47  47-2 Chipman, ADThe developmental basis of insect tagmatization 
47  47-3 Cheatle Jarvela, AM*; Trelstad, CS; Pick, LGenome editing in mosquitoes reveals evolutionary handover of regulatory gene function 
47  47-4 Babonis, LS*; Enjolras, C; Foster, BM; Hugosson, F; Ryan, JF; Martindale, MQKnockdown of NvSox2 causes a homeotic shift in cell identity in Nematostella vectensis 
47  47-5 Ivashkin, EG*; Voronezhskaya, EE; Gribble, KEMolecular organization of rotifer neurogenesis: not a worm and not a fly 
47  47-6 McCulloch, KJ*; Neal, S; Napoli, F; Daly, C; Coleman, J; Koenig, KMGene duplication and co-option in the evolution and development of the squid eye 
47  47-7 Evans, AR*; Pollock, TI; Cleuren, SGC; Parker, WMG; Richards, HL; Garland, KLS; Wilson, TE; Hocking, DP; Adams, JWA universal power law for the growth and form of teeth, claws, horns, thorns, beaks, and shells 
47  47-8 Vetrova, AA*; Bagaeva, TS; Saidova, AA; Kupaeva, DM; Kraus, YA; Kremnyov, SVApolar mode of gastrulation leads to the formation of polarized larva in a marine hydroid, Dynamena pumila