SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 50

Evolutionary Developmental Genetics
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Andrew Thompson

50  50-1 Fernandes Gyorfy, M*; Conover, J; Grover, C; Miller, E; Wendel, J; Sharbrough, J; Sloan, DCytonuclear stoichiometry in the wake of genome duplication 
50  50-2 Min, Y*; Imani, JI; Kramer, EMSweet genes are made of STYLISH – Members of the STYLISH gene family control both style and nectary development in Ranunculids 
50  50-3 Thompson, AW*; Wojtas, H; Davoll, M; Braasch, IThe genome of the bi-annual Rio pearlfish (Nematolebias whitei) informs the genetic regulation of diapause and environmentally-cued hatching in extreme environments 
50  50-4 Powers, AK*; Tabin, CThe genetic basis of orofacial features in the blind Mexican cavefish 
50  50-5 Vasquez-Kuntz, K; Kitchen, S; Conn, T; Vohsen, S; Chan, A; Vermeij, MJA; Page, C; Marhaver, K; Baums, IB*Juvenile corals inherit mutations acquired during their parent’s lifespan 
50  50-6 Woodruff, GC*; Willis, JH; Phillips, PCWidespread changes in gene expression accompany body size evolution in nematodes 
50  50-7 Wang, W*; Sánchez Alvarado, ARegeneration enhancers and the uneven distribution of regenerative capacities in vertebrates 
50  50-8 Conway, SJ*; Kramer, EKThe long and short of it: the plant hormone brassinosteroid regulates petal spur length in Aquilegia by controlling cell elongation 
50  50-9 Tamvacakis, AN*; Ozment, ET; Nakanishi, NThe transcription factor POU-IV is required for mechanoreceptor cell differentiation and touch-response behavior in the sea anemone Nematostella