SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 52

Evolutionary Morphology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: David Grossnickle

52  52-1 Miyamae, JASleepy gapes caught on tape: Mammalian nasal proboscis position during yawning based on an analysis of YouTube videos 
52  52-2 Grossnickle, DM*; Brightly, WH; Law, CJ; Pevsner, SK; Roston, RA; Stanchak, KE; Weaver, LNTesting the prevalence of morphological convergence among mammalian forelimb skeletons 
52  52-3 Hedrick, BPInter- and intraspecific variation in Artibeus demonstrates size and shape partitioning among species 
52  52-4 Porto, A*; Rolfe, SM; Maga, AMALPACA: a new and general framework for automated landmarking of 3D biological structures 
52  52-5 Li, P*; Ross, CF; Luo, Z-XMorphological evolution of the primate hyoid apparatus 
52  52-6 Lawrence, AB*; Hammond, AS; Ward, CVAcetabular orientation and pelvic shape in hominins 
52  52-7 Vanhaesebroucke, O*; Larouche, O; Cloutier, RInside-out view in variational modularity of an actinopterygian using 3D geometric morphometrics 
52  52-8 Souto, C*; Martins, LThe macrostructural anatomy and functional morphology of dendrochirotid sea cucumber’s (Echinodermata) calcareous rings 
52  52-9 Leite, JV*; Barrett, PM; Goswami, AMetacarpus evolution in non-avian dinosaurs: a 2d morphometrics perspective 
52  52-10 Formoso, KK*; Habib, MBPotential constraint and release driven by ancestral terrestrial posture in land-to-sea transitions: Insights from forelimbs across four land-to-sea amniote clades 
52  52-11 Rhoda, DP*; Segall, M; Polly, PD; Raxworthy, CCauses and consequences of morphological integration in the hyperkinetic snake skull 
52  52-12 Black, CR*; Armbruster, JWAutomated landmarking captures complex shapes in armored catfish jaws 
52  52-13 Schwartz, ST*; Tsai, WLE; Karan, EA; Alfaro, MECharisma: An R tool to automatically determine discrete color classes for high-throughput color pattern analysis