SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 53

Evolutionary Physiology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Anusha Shankar

53  53-1 Hodinka, BL*; Williams, TDHow do birds assess their own body mass? Testing how rapidly birds can respond to experimentally increased mass 
53  53-2 Allen, JM*; Hodinka, BL; Leonard, KM; Williams, TDVariation in developmental trajectories associated with facultative pre-fledging mass recession in a common songbird 
53  53-3 Smeds, EA*; Dahlhoff, EP; Rank, NEThe genomic basis of local thermal adaptation in a montane insect 
53  53-4 Shankar, A*; Davalos, LM; Powers, DR; Graham, CHEnergy budgets to explain allometry: lessons from flying ninja hummingbirds 
53  53-5 Yap, KN; Zhang, Y*Revisiting the question of nucleated versus enucleated erythrocytes: A bird mammal comparison 
53  53-6 Brzęk, P*; Roussel, D; Konarzewski, MDivergent selection for basal metabolic rate in laboratory mice affected organ size rather than mitochondrial activity 
53  53-7 Leibold, DC*; Valencia, V; Gangloff, EJ; Telemeco, RSMetabolic recovery from exertion depends on the form of perturbation in lizards 
53  53-8 Marshall, CA*; Zeller, KR; Kane, EA; Vincent, J; Angeloni, LM; Ghalambor, CKSalinity performance curves for escape responses in guppies shape distributional patterns of closely-related species along a salinity gradient 
53  53-9 Gutierrez-Pinto, N*; Londoño, GA; Chappell, MA; Storz, JFA test of altitude-related variation in aerobic metabolism of Andean birds 
53  53-10 Berger, CA*; Steinberg, DK; Tarrant, AMConserved molecular responses to starvation in two Southern Ocean copepods