SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 54

Fish Feeding I
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Katrina Whitlow

54  54-1 Constantin, ML*; Farina, SC; Gignac, PM; Uyeno , TA; Clark , AJ3D anatomical reconstruction of the feeding apparatus in Myxine using diceCT 
54  54-2 Pinion, AK*; Cohen, KE; Donatelli, CM; Kruppert, S; Summers, APCome and spaghett It: Morphology and feeding of the quillfish, Ptilichthys goodei  
54  54-3 Ortega-Jimenez, VM*; Sanford, PCTurning liquid into vapor: Knifefish’s powerful suction-feeding  
54  54-4 Herbert, AM*; Higham, TEFeeding at the air-water interface: how prey position influences suction and ram in largemouth bass 
54  54-5 Whitlow, KR*; Ross, CF; Gidmark, NJ; Westneat, MWCranial kinesis in actinopterygian suction feeding: mechanical correlates of prey motion in Polypterus bichir 
54  54-6 Rozen, J*; Rull, M; Spence, M; Konow, NContributions of hypaxial and sternohyoid muscles to hyoid depression in bichirs 
54  54-8 Kinsey, CT*; Blob, RWA novel behavior upsets the adaptive peaks hypothesis in metamorphic frogs