SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 56

Flight Dynamics & Mechanics
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Yang Ding

56  56-1 Ahmed, I*; Faruque, IAA high speed visual tracking system for analyzing in-flight insect interactions 
56  56-2 Jankauski, MA*; Casey, C; Busby, K; Buchmann, SForce production and thoracic vibrations during defensive buzzing in carpenter bees (Xylocopa: apidae)  
56  56-3 Swiney, PA*; Hedrick, TL; Gosdin, LR; Bellah, JR; Hopkins, AW; Raghav, VPreliminary analysis of the aerodynamic responses of a red–tailed hawk traversing a vertical gust 
56  56-4 Sathe, EA*; Dudley, REvolutionary diversification of aerial control in the genus Anolis 
56  56-5 Najar, N*; Fernandez, L; Clark, CHummingbird load lifting performance not predicted by top speed in a wind tunnel 
56  56-6 Anwar, MZ *; Agrawal, S; Cheng, B; Tobalske, BW; Luo, HEscape maneuvers in calliope hummingbirds with visual feedback removed at varied timings 
56  56-7 Baliga, VB*; Dakin, R; Altshuler, DLThe influence of lateral and frontal optic flow on flight control in Anna’s hummingbirds 
56  56-8 Agrawal, S*; Anwar, Z; Song, J; Hedrick, T; Luo, H; Tobalske, B; Cheng, BFunctional modeling of hummingbird musculoskeletal system via optimization-based synthesis of wing skeletal model, motion kinematics and muscle forces 
56  56-9 Rader, JA*; Waldrop, LD; Hedrick, TLDoes load bearing constrain avian wing morphology? 
56  56-10 Krishnan, K; Gurka, R*Aerodynamics and energetics of raptors: a comparative analysis between an owl and a hawk 
56  56-11 Fan, XZ*; Swartz, S; Breuer, KPower requirements for flapping flight with heavy and highly articulated wings 
56  56-12 Rowley, KM*; Morris, A; Bortoni, A; Young, I; Boerma, D; Breuer, K; Swartz, SMEvidence for a proximal-distal gradient in muscle responses to a wind gust perturbation in the Egyptian fruit bat