SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 57

Foraging Behavior and Predator/Prey
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Kate Otter

57  57-1 Moretto, WI*; Stahl, AK; Mehta, RSEffects of acute temperature change on the feeding behaviors of Gymnothorax mordax  
57  57-2 Rossi, G*; LabbĂ©, D; Wright, PUse it or lose it: The impact of prolonged darkness and air exposure on the visual system of an amphibious fish 
57  57-3 Cárdenas-Posada, G*; Iwaniuk, AN; Fuxjager, MJBrain size evolution precedes innovations in foraging strategy among woodpeckers 
57  57-4 Noonan, KR*; Childress, MJButterflyfish effect: The relationship and influence of foureye butterflyfish on corals infected with stony coral tissue loss disease 
57  57-6 Kennedy, J*; Chen, C; Mahadevan, L; Nagpal, RMapping spatiotemporal changes of North American beaver (L. Castor canadensis) damming complexes 
57  57-7 Vasquez, A A*; Walker, X N; Ram, J L; Miller, C JPrey choices and behavior of water mite predators of mosquito larvae from nearshore habitats of the Laurentian Great Lakes 
57  57-8 Dempsey, BL*; Bidwell, JRPredator-avoidance response In larval black-bellied salamanders (Desmognathus quadramaculatus) to predator cues from native and nonnative salmonids 
57  57-9 Kane, SA; Bien, T*; Hsieh, STField experiments uncover variable anti-predator behaviors used by spotted lanternfly nymphs 
57  57-10 Snekser, JL*; Ashe, TM; Itzkowitz, MEffectiveness of Cyprinodon bovinus pupfish territorial defense against Gambusia nobilis egg predation: a tale of two endangered fishes  
57  57-11 Wagner, G*; Morgan, N; Yen, JAttack of the killer copepod