SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 58

Foraging Behavior
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Kathryn Feller

58  58-1 Balzer, EW*; Grottoli, A; Broders, HMass variation pattern differences among temperate hibernating bats 
58  58-2 Pollock, HS*; Hauber, ME; Strejc, B; Tarwater, CEFollow the fracas: Global patterns of variation in disturbance foraging behavior of birds 
58  58-3 Feller, KD*; Mierow, T; Gonzalez-Bellido, PTPrey size selection and visual acuity in toe-biters (Belostomatidae) 
58  58-4 Chiari, Y*; Moreno, N; Roy, R; Kostanecki, A; Brockman, S; Holl, C; Solhaug, EM; Minami, A; Hampton, M; Bee, M; Hegeman, A; Carter, CPreference for colored nectar in Phelsuma laticauda 
58  58-5 Robin, AN*; Nonacs, PThe presence of others may shape the economic decision making of a food-storing arboreal squirrel 
58  58-6 Johnson, KH*; Dobkowski, KAFeeding preferences of Pugettia gracilis (Graceful Kelp Crab) 
58  58-7 Le Gall, M*; Cease, AJGenerational variation in nutrient regulation for an outbreaking herbivore 
58  58-8 O'Reilly, L*; Dalesman, S; Akanyeti, ODoes learning style affect performance and plasticity in shoaling fish?