SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 59

Global Change and Population Ecology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Emily Roberts

59  59-1 Mainwaring, MC*; Martin, TE; Wolf, BO; Tobalske, BWDirect sunlight reduces the cost of keeping altricial avian offspring warm 
59  59-2 Berlow, M*; Derryberry, E; Wada, HNoise as a potential mechanism underlying the effects of urbanization on the avian gut microbiome 
59  59-3 Neel, LK*; Fornshell, D; Angilletta, MJThe effects of predicted activity time on population-level measures of productivity in squamates: a comparative analysis 
59  59-4 Ruthsatz, K*; Dausmann, KH; Peck, MA; Glos, JPotential of thermal tolerance plasticity as a coping mechanism with global warming in amphibians 
59  59-5 Roberts, KT*; Rank, NE; Dahlhoff, EP; Stillman, JH; Williams, CMSnow modulates winter energy use and cold stress across an elevation gradient in a montane ectotherm 
59  59-6 Nielsen, ME*; Lehmann, P; Gotthard, KConsequences of pre-winter temperatures for diapausing pupae 
59  59-7 Carrasquillo, AL*; Crawford, DL; Oleksiak, MFHeritability of critical thermal maximum temperature in Fundulus heteroclitus 
59  59-8 Himes, AR*; Rivest, EB; McDowell, JR; Reece, KS; Snyder, RAAssessing environmental tolerance of Mercenaria mercenaria along the east coast of the United States 
59  59-9 Roberts, EA*; Gilman, SESimulated ocean and aerial warming have opposing effects on the growth of the barnacle, B. glandula: An energy budget model approach 
59  59-10 Johnstone, JB*; Rahman, MSEffects of rising temperatures on physiological functions, protein expression, and cell death in an Echinoid species