SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 60

Gut Microbiomes
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Tosha Kelly

60  60-1 McNamara, MP*; Cadney, MD; Castro, AA; Hillis, DA; Kallini, KM; Macbeth, JC; Schmill, MP; Schwartz, NL; Hsiao, A; Garland, TReduction of the adult gut microbiome decreases wheel-running behavior in mice selectively bred for high voluntary wheel running 
60  60-2 Underhill, D*; Putnam, N; Valencia, V; Van Laar, TA; Telemeco, RSEffects of early-life exposure to adult feces and natural substrate on the survival, phenotype, and gut microbiome of Western Fence Lizards 
60  60-3 Kelly, TR*; Vinson, AV; Lattin, CRNo guts about it: captivity, but not neophobia phenotype, affects cloacal microbiome of house sparrows 
60  60-4 Härer, A*; Rudman, SM; Rennison, DJHow the interaction between host and gut microbiota promotes threespine stickleback's adaptation to distinct trophic niches 
60  60-5 Gardner, SA*; Campbell, PDefining the origin of the prenatal gut microbiome in the house mouse 
60  60-6 Giambrone, SA; Beveridge, J; Haynes, L; Fish, O; Lose, B; Reed, L; Scott Chialvo, C*Contribution of the gut microbiome to toxin tolerance in mushroom feeding Drosophila 
60  60-7 Jiménez-Padilla, Y*; Lachance, M-A; Sinclair, BJLive yeasts accelerate Drosophila melanogaster larval development 
60  60-8 Ketchum, RN*; Smith, EG; Vaughan, GO; McParland, D; Al-Mansoori, N; Burt, JA; Reitzel, AMUnraveling the predictive role of temperature in the gut microbiome of an abundant marine invertebrate