SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 62

Hosts, parasites & pathogens: ecology and evolution
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Dana Hawley

62  62-1 Talbott, KT*; Soini, HO; Novotny, MV; Ketterson, EDDoes female songbird odor vary by blood parasite identity or parasite load? 
62  62-2 Robinson, HE*; Alexander, JD; Bartholomew, JL; Hallett, SL; Hetrick, NJ; Perry, RW; Som, NASimulating disease risk for juvenile salmonids using a mechanistic framework to model the spring density of the parasite Ceratonova shasta  
62  62-3 Verdi, R*; Tredo, S; Hua, JWhen you eat matters: The effects of feeding frequency on tadpole growth and susceptibility to enemies 
62  62-4 Wohlleben, AM*; Steinel, N; Baker, JA; Foster, SAReplicated evolution in the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculetus) – Schistocephalus solidus host-parasite System 
62  62-5 Benoit, JB*; Bose, J; Talbott, H; Lewis, DA; Polak, MResistance to ectoparasitic mites yields metabolic trade-offs in fruit flies  
62  62-6 Malinski, KH*; Kingsolver, JG; Willett, CSThermal mismatch in an insect host-parasitoid-endosymbiont system: causes and consequences 
62  62-7 Herath, JCB*; Meegaskumbura, MInvestigating the disease ecology of Ranaviruses (Family Iridoviridae) in ectothermic vertebrates of southern China 
62  62-8 Gupta, P*; Vishnudas, CK; Robin, VV; Dharmarajan, GHost phylogeny matters: Examining sources of variation in infection risk by blood parasites across a tropical montane bird community in India 
62  62-9 Hill, EH*; Butler, MAWhere Do They Come From, Where Do They Go? A Phylodynamic Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 in Urban Centers 
62  62-10 Torres-Sánchez, M*; McGrath-Blaser, S; Villate, J; Longo, AVChytrid fungi transcriptomic signatures indicate different infection strategies in newts 
62  62-12 Koch, RW*; Shannon, RP; Detwiler, JT; Bolek, MGMolecular identification of juvenile Neoechinorhynchus spp. (phylum: Acanthocephala) infecting ostracod and snail hosts provides insight into acanthocephalan host use 
62  62-13 Kramp, R*; Rudzki, E; Kohl, K; Stephenson, JExamining skin microbiome of Trinidadian guppy and ectoparasite infection dynamics 
62  62-14 Ershova, NADiversity and prevalence of trematode parasites in the common periwinkle on the coast of Massachusetts