SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 66

Insect Wing Structure-Function
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Nick Burnett

66  66-1 Burnett, NP*; Badger, MA; Combes, MShooting the gap: how bees protect their wings in windy, dynamic obstacle courses 
66  66-2 Lynch, J*; Gau, J; Sponberg, S; Gravish, NDimensional analysis reveals limits on peak efficiency of flapping wing flight due to structural damping  
66  66-3 Maeda, M*; Walker, SM; Fabian, JM; Siwanowicz, I; Lin, HT; Bomphrey, RJNumerical simulation of high-fidelity dragonfly wings for "Fly-by-Feel" 
66  66-4 Johns, W*; Davis, L; Jankauski, MReconstructing full-field flapping wing dynamics from sparse measurements 
66  66-5 Aiello, BR*; Sikandar, UB; Minoguchi, H; Kimball, KC; Hamilton, CA; Kawahara, AY; Sponberg, SThe evolution of wing shape and movement in bombycoid moths reveals two distinct strategies for agile flight 
66  66-6 Reade, JE*; Schwab, RK; Jankauski, MAInfluence of flexural rigidity on force production in flapping wings 
66  66-7 Mamo, AH*; Weber, AI; Mohren, TL; Babaei, M; Daniel, TLFinite element analyses of flapping wings meets inertial sensing 
66  66-8 Salcedo, MK*; Shevchenko, PD; Socha, JJWhole-wing microtomographic imaging of grasshopper wings  
66  66-9 Billah, MA*; Faruque, IAA model for multi-agent group motion inspired by insect visuomotor feedback 
66  66-10 Kasoju, VT*; Santhanakrishnan, ASticky flapper: three-dimensional flapping flight with bristled wings 
66  66-11 van Veen, WG; van Leeuwen, JL; Muijres, FT*Acceleration-reaction forces in high-frequency flapping insect wings, a systematic numerical study 
66  66-12 Socha, JJ*; Pulliam, JN; Salcedo, MK; Hernandez, AM; Jackson, BEWing flexibility of cicadas during takeoff: A pandemic story