SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 69

Life in Moving Fluids I
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Kakani Katija

69  69-1 Matveev, E; Kahn, AS; Aragones Suarez, P; Guillas, KC; Yahel, G; Leys, SP*Sense-induced flow: Challenging Vogel’s current induced flow hypothesis with in situ experiments on a deep glass sponge reef 
69  69-2 Boudina, M; Gosselin, FP*; Etienne, SSoft corals vibrating under flow to improve food capture? 
69  69-4 Pepper, RE*; Riley, EE; Baron, M; Hurot, T; Tor Nielsen, L; Koehl, MAR; Kiørboe, T; Andersen, AThe effects of external flow on the feeding currents of sessile microorganisms 
69  69-5 Lyons, KM*; Heck, K; Fercak, O; Haddock, WA; Cal, RB; Martin, WN; Murphy, CT; Franck, JAThe effect of wavelength in seal whisker undulations 
69  69-6 Jin, B; Luo, H; Ding, Y*Swimming of the mosquito larva: principles and tricks of locomotion at intermediate Reynolds numbers 
69  69-7 Hainer, JC*; Maki, H; Lutek, K; Znotinas, KR; Standen, EMViscoSenso: The role of multiple sensory modalities in steady swimming 
69  69-8 Katija, K*; Roberts, PLD; Daniels, J; Henthorn, R; Klimov, D; Ruhl, H; Sherman, ADEyeRIS (Remote Imaging System): A novel, in situ lightfield imaging system that enables time-resolved three-dimensional visualizations of particles and animals in the deep sea