SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 71

Limb Biomechanics
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Andrew George

71  71-1 Sivitilli, DM*; Weertman, WL; Busch, EL; Ullmann, JF; Smith, JR; Gire, DHStrategies of single arm foraging in Octopus rubescens in the absence of visual feedback 
71  71-2 Taylor-Burt, KR*; Biewener, AAHindlimb skeletal anatomy and kinematics vary with swimming behavior in ducks 
71  71-3 Turner, ML*; Gatesy, SMIntermetatarsal mobility in the American alligator 
71  71-4 George, AB*; Westneat, MWThree-dimensional kinematic analyses reveal asymmetries in Xanthichthys auromarginatus (Balistidae) median fin biomechanics during steady balistiform swimming 
71  71-5 Amplo, HE*; Flammang, BE; Camp, CFlipping frogfish fins: Using XROMM to study frogfish pectoral fins during locomotion 
71  71-6 Bribiesca-Contreras, F*; Daley, MA; Badri-Spröwitz, AEffects of tendon-network mechanisms on avian terrestrial locomotion 
71  71-7 Klein, SM*; Chase, HT; Tobalske, BWInvestigating chukar ontogeny can shed light on flight evolution and form-function relationships 
71  71-8 Rainbow, MJ*; Mack, ZM; Lee, ECS; Orr, CMDeterminants of maximum wrist extension in humans and chimpanzees 
71  71-9 Li, EY*; Lee, ECS; Young, NM; Rainbow, MJThe impact of cranial-lateral scapular shape variations on glenohumeral ligaments 
71  71-10 Scheidt, A*; Geiger, SM; Wagner, FC; Mülling, CKW; Nyakatura, JASprawling locomotion aspects in a therian mammal? 3-Dimensional forelimb kinematics of Tamandua 
71  71-11 Lee, ECS*; Young, NM; Rainbow, MJ3D glenohumeral range-of-motion in living and fossil primates, predicted in silico from skeletal morphology