SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 72

Locomotion: Body Stiffness & Posture
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Robert Cieri

72  72-1 Cieri, RL*; Dick, TJM; Clemente, CJGround reaction forces in monitor lizards (Varanidae) and the scaling of locomotion in sprawling tetrapods 
72  72-2 Pfeiffenberger, JA*; Anderson, EJ; Tytell, EDFree swimming kinematics and whole-body mechanics of the Atlantic mackerel, Scomber scombrus 
72  72-3 Akanyeti, O*; Fetherstonhaugh, SCan one control strategy unite all carangiform swimmers? 
72  72-4 Toussaint, SLD*; Youlatos, D; Nyakatura, JAVertical locomotion and associated manual and pedal postures in arboreal mammals 
72  72-5 Brocklehurst, RJ*; Fahn-Lai, P; Regnault, S; Pierce, SEStepping up: Musculoskeletal modelling of sprawling and erect forelimbs 
72  72-6 Wiseman, ALA; Bishop, PJ; Demuth, OE; Cuff, AR; Michel, KB; Hutchinson, JR*Biomechanical modelling of musculoskeletal leverage gives insight into locomotion of Nile crocodiles 
72  72-7 Fahn-Lai, P*; Regnault, S; Biewener, AA; Pierce, SEEx vivo 3D measurements of shoulder mobility and muscle moment arms in sprawling and upright amniotes 
72  72-8 Iijima, M*; Munteanu, VD; Kinsey, CT; Elsey, RM; Blob, RWOntogenetic changes in limb kinematics, forces, and joint moments in American alligators 
72  72-9 Van Stratum, B*; Clark, J; Shoele, KModeling internal forces in limbless organisms during locomotion 
72  72-10 Griffin, B*; Martin-Silverstone, E; Demuth, O; Palmer, C; Rayfield, EJConstraining quadrupedal launch: Range of motion in Coloborhynchus robustus  
72  72-11 Usherwood, JR*; Granatosky, MC; McGowan, CPCompromise between limb work and joint work minimization accounts for elbows-back, knees-forward arrangement in quadrupeds, and the 3-segment Z-leg configuration 
72  72-12 McGechie, F*; Grider-Potter, N; Nalley, TK; Fricano, E; Middleton, KM; Holliday, CM; Ward, CVPrimate nuchal anatomy and function