SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 75

Locomotion: Gaits & Gait Changes
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: SLD Toussaint

75  75-1 Hale, ME*; Paletta, MGThe water to land transition, submerged: How octopuses and other animals integrate movement on substrate and in water to locomote in aquatic environments 
75  75-3 Kerr, SJ*; Nicastro, AJ; Zeligs, J; Skrovan, S; Fish, FEBiomechanical energetics of terrestrial locomotion: California sea lion vs. northern elephant seal 
75  75-4 Tumminelli, AN*; Bartol, IKFin motion patterns in swimming stingrays 
75  75-5 Coughlin, DJ*; Santarcangelo, K; Wilcock, EB; Ellerby, DJMuscle power production during intermittent swimming in bluegill 
75  75-6 Struble, MK*; Gibb, ACLocomotor spectra in basal vertebrates 
75  75-7 Bishop, PJ*; Falisse, A; De Groote, F; Hutchinson, JRDynamic optimization estimation of maximum running speed capacity in bipedal archosaurs 
75  75-8 Thompson, NE*; Rubinstein, D; Parrella-O'Donnell, W; Brett, M; Demes, B; Larson, SG; O'Neill, MCA reduced ‘pelvic step’ partially explains short stride length during human bipedalism 
75  75-9 Mielke, F*; Van Wassenbergh, S; Van Ginneken, C; Aerts, PSwing it like a piglet