SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 8

Complementary to S6: Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Animal Communication
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Jessleen Kanwal

8  8-1 Ali, JR*; Stoddard, MCThe evolution of face plumage patterns in amazon parrots 
8  8-2 Miller, AE*; Hogan, BG; Stoddard, MCColor in motion: Using photogrammetry to study dynamic displays in virtual environments 
8  8-3 Hirzel, GE*; Westerman, ELSurveying seasonal changes in behavior and wing coloration in a polyphenic butterfly 
8  8-4 Derryberry, EP*; Phillips, JN; Derryberry, GE; Blum, MJ; Luther, DSinging in a silent spring: birds respond to a half-century soundscape reversion during the COVID-19 shutdown 
8  8-5 Sockman, KW*; Lyons, SM; Caro, SPImmediate effects of song competition on the song of male Lincoln's sparrows 
8  8-6 Ko, D*; Haddad, A; Clopath, C; Lin, H-TSimultaneous neural encoding of spatial and directional information in the dragonfly 
8  8-7 Freiler, MK*; Proffitt, MR; Smith, GTElectrocommunication signals and aggression are temporally linked in an electric fish with male morphological variation 
8  8-8 Scauzillo, RC*; Ferkin, MHSelf-grooming with an audience in mind, male meadow voles tailor their behaviors based on social contexts 
8  8-9 Lessig, EK*; Hofmann, HATowards the neural basis of social attention hierarchies  
8  8-10 Olson, EGN*; Gray, JR; Wiens, TKA computational model of locust visual motion detection incorporating global and feedforward inhibition