SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 80

Muscle-Tendon Structure-Function
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Brooke Christensen

80  80-1 Christensen, BA*; Schwaner, MJ; Lin, DC; McGowan, CPElastic energy storage across speeds during steady state hopping of desert kangaroo rats (Dipodomys deserti) 
80  80-2 Mendoza, E*; Azizi, EMuscles modified for elastic energy storage enhance jump performance in frogs 
80  80-3 Cox, SM*; DeBoef, A; Salzano, MQ; Katugam, K; Piazza, SJ; Rubenson, JRestricting jumping during growth does not alter energy storage capacity 
80  80-4 Shah, K*; Hardiman, E; Shehaj, A; Konow, NIn-vivo muscle-tendon unit length-change for the mouse soleus and tibialis anterior 
80  80-5 DeLap, SJC*; Rimkus, B; Shehaj, A; Taylor-Burt, K; Konow, NThe effect of recruitment intensity on the plateau width of the muscle force-length relationship 
80  80-6 Heim, S*; Millard, M; Le Mouel, C; Badri-Spröwitz, AA little damping goes a long way 
80  80-7 Petersen, JC*; Eng, CM; Marsh, RL; Azizi, E; Roberts, TJArchitectural elasticity in pennate muscle 
80  80-8 Brainerd, EL*; Jimenez, YE; Weller, HIImpact of whole-muscle shear and fascicle curvature on architectural gear ratio 
80  80-9 Cook, A*; Pandhigunta, K; Didcock, RL; Castro, JT; Acevedo, MA; Walker, A; Acharya, R; Crofts, SB; Bhamla, MS; Anderson, PSL; Patek, SN; Ilton, MOpen-source software for modeling biological latch mediated spring actuated systems 
80  80-10 Gibson, JC*; Suarez, AVFunctional morphology and biomechanics of trap-jaw ants in the Daceton genus group 
80  80-11 Kallal, RJ*; Wood, HMStrike kinematics of the araneoid trap jaw spider Pararchaea alba 
80  80-12 Jeong, SW*; Rice, NA; Daley, MA; Nishikawa, KCA new muscle model including a titin element