SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 84

Parental Care
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Ivana Schoepf

84  84-1 Bloch, I*; Troupin , D; Sapir, NDo females work harder? Sexual differences in parental care in the Little swift (Apus affinis), a monomorphic species 
84  84-2 Lane, SJ*; Brewer, VB; VanDiest, IJ; Linkous, CR; Mabry, KE; Sewall, KBMaternal care increases with the presence of extra pair offspring in wild song sparrows 
84  84-3 Valdecantos, S; Wenner, SM; Robertson, JM; Espinoza, MH; Lobo Terán, C; Espinoza, RE*Why do mothers care? Assessing the benefits of female–neonate associations in a viviparous lizard from the Argentine Puna 
84  84-4 Enns, JL*; Purdey, L; Stojkovic, L; Williams, TDSex and strife: parental cooperation in a songbird species with flexible biparental care 
84  84-5 Barbasch, TA*; Branconi, R; Francis, R; Pacaro, M; Srinivasan, M; Jones, GP; Buston, PMNegotiations over offspring care: a test of alternative hypotheses in the clown anemonefish 
84  84-6 Schoepf, I*; Olson, S; Moore, IT; Bonier, FExperimental evidence of haemosporidian infection effects on maternal care behavior in a wild passerine 
84  84-8 Hellmann, JK*; Carlson, ER; Bell, AMThe interplay between sperm-mediated and care-mediated paternal effects in threespined sticklebacks 
84  84-9 Suckow, N*; Pollock, HS; Kastner, M; Hauber, ME; Rogers, HSAngry birds: the personality of parental aggression and its fitness consequences in an island passerine 
84  84-10 Howerin, HM*; Foltz, SL; Moore, IT; Hernandez, JNoisy neighbors: how do human activity and habitat disturbance impact the nest site selection of tree swallows and eastern bluebirds? 
84  84-11 Scharf, HM*; Stenstrom, KH; Hauber, ME; Schelsky, WMHeterospecific but not conspecific parasitism delays fledging in host prothonotary warblers 
84  84-12 Cadney, MD*; Schwartz, NL; Schmill, MP; Castro, AA; McNamara, MP; Hillis, DA; Garland, TJREarly post-natal maternal effects on voluntary physical activity, exercise physiology, and associated traits in mice 
84  84-13 Senécal, S*; Riva, JC; O'Connor, RS; Nozais, C; Vézina, FChickadees increase provisioning effort to compensate for poor prey quality during the nestling period