SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 89

Plasticity, Epigenetics, Stress, and Novelty
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Eric Gangloff

89  89-1 Barts, N*; Nieves, N; Trojan, S; Arias-Rodriguez, L; Kelley, J; Tobler, MThe role of plasticity in facilitating colonization of novel environments 
89  89-2 Love, A C; Wagner, G P*The creative role(s) of stress in evolution: from co-option to novelty 
89  89-3 Hanson, HE*; Wang, C; Zimmer, C; Schrey, AW; Liebl, AL; Ravinet, M; Jiang, RHY; Maddox, JD; Martin, LBEpigenetic potential in house sparrow (Passer domesticus) introductions 
89  89-4 Spears, S*; Kouyoumdjian, L; Pettit, C; Aubret, F; Gangloff, EJPlasticity in thermoregulatory behavior and performance in response to hyperoxia in a high-elevation specialist lizard, Iberolacerta bonnali 
89  89-5 Gangloff, EJ*; Bodensteiner, BL; Kouyoumdjian, L; Muñoz, MM; Aubret, FAdaptation and plasticity in the multivariate thermal phenotype of common wall lizards 
89  89-6 Floreste, FR*; Ferreira, LF; Titon Jr, B; Titon, SCM; Muxel, SM; Gomes, FR; Assis, VRTemporal variation of cytokine gene expression during the inflammatory response in toads 
89  89-7 Rosso, AA*; Logan, ML; McMillan, WO; Cox , CLBoth gene expression and physiology respond plasticity to thermal stress in a tropical forest lizard 
89  89-8 Stadtmauer, DJ*; Wagner, GPHow to exhibit "positive tolerance": Lessons from the mammalian uterus 
89  89-9 Logan, ML*; Cox, CLGenetic constraints, gene expression plasticity, and the importance of extreme weather events in the evolutionary response to climate change