SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 9

Complementary to S7: The Integrative Biology of Pigment Organelles
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Florent Figon

9  9-1 Weir, SE*; Lord, NPPigment identification and quantification in the jewel beetles (Buprestidae: Stigmoderini) 
9  9-2 Davis, AL*; Thomas, KN; Goetz, FE; Robison, BH; Johnsen, S; Osborn, KJHiding in the deep: ultra-black camouflage in fishes 
9  9-3 Chow, A*; Lord, NJewels of iridescence: Mechanisms of structural color and its significance in insect systematics 
9  9-4 Wang, L-Y*; Franklin, AM; Black, JR; Stuart-Fox, DHeating rates in jewel beetles are more strongly influenced by near-infrared than visible reflectance 
9  9-5 Powers, MJ*; Martz, LD; Weaver, RJ; Burton, RS; Hill, GEThe link between mitochondrial metabolism and pigment production in interpopulation crosses of copepods 
9  9-6 Davis, SN*; Clarke, JACarotenoid coloration in non-passerine birds and expectations of carotenoid expression in extinct Dinosauria 
9  9-7 Popecki, MS*; Wares, JP; Stanger-Hall, KFThe evolution of pigment diversity in fireflies 
9  9-8 Sinnott-Armstrong, MA*; Smith, SD; Vignolini, SLantana camara also uses lipids to make metallic blue fruit: a second origin of lipid-based structural color 
9  9-10 Sonner, SC*; Onthank, KMetabolic cost of octopus chromatophore system