SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 92

Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Jamie Cornelius

92  92-1 Mason, RT*; Bentz, EJThe Garden of Eden revisited: Snakes, sex, and scents - A tribute to David Crews 
92  92-2 Serrano-Rojas, SJ*; Pašukonis, ADo tadpole-transporting frogs use stagnant water odor to find pools in the rainforest? 
92  92-3 Warner, DA*; Pruett, JE; Fargevieille, A; Klabacka, RLDo female lizards choose nest sites based on the predictability of substrate moisture? 
92  92-4 Trickey, AK*; Orbach, DNEffects of male dusky dolphin mating behaviors on durations and rates of copulation  
92  92-5 Güell, BA*; Gomez, EK; Warkentin, KMGliding treefrog reproduction: Possible functions of diverse male behavior in terrestrial breeding aggregations 
92  92-6 Tweeten, KA*; Scollick, JAProtein and DNA labeling techniques suggest that diploid populations of sexually reproducing Lumbriculus cross-fertilize 
92  92-7 Lasala, JA*; Bernhard, MC; Mazzarella, KTLongitudinal study of sea turtle nesting behavior on a large Gulf of Mexico rookery  
92  92-8 Francis, RK*; Catalano, KA; Majoris, JE; D'Aloia, CC; Ruger, T; Bogdanowicz, S; Buston, PMBreeding habitat, mating system, and mating success in the sponge-dwelling goby Elacatinus lori 
92  92-9 Greenway, EV*; Miller, CWHow does variation in the resource landscape influence mating dynamics in the insect Narnia femorata?  
92  92-10 Cornelius, JM*; Hahn, TPDrivers of seasonal opportunistic breeding in the north temperate zone 
92  92-11 Cabiguin, MM*; Meñez, MAJWinners versus losers: reproductive characteristics of a nonnative and native mussel species in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines 
92  92-12 Buchinger, TJ*; Fissette, SD; Bussy , U; Li, K; Huerta, B; Buchinger, EG; Brant, CO; Johnson, NS; Li, WA pheromone antagonist deters female sea lamprey from more senescent mates 
92  92-13 Laroche, RAS*; Weinersmith, K; Angeloni, LM; Wiegmann, DD; Egan, SPIs energetics or competition a stronger driver of the seasonal timing of reproduction by male smallmouth bass?