SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 93

Sensory Biology and Neuroethology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Amanda Franklin

93  93-1 Gage, S*; Aiello, BA; Sharma, V; Sprayberry, J; Sponberg, SDoes an ecologically-relevant odor influence visual motion selectivity in the hawkmoth nerve cord? 
93  93-2 Mobley, RB*; Boughman, JWThe sensory space of the threespine stickleback 
93  93-3 Kamska, V*; Contreras, FB; Daley, M; Badri-Spröwitz, AAssociating functional morphology of the lumbosacral organ and locomotion modalities in avians 
93  93-4 deCastro , N*; Marguerite, NT; Bernard, J; Harris, D; Cooper , RLBehavioral effects to heat in larval Drosophila with and without TRPA1 receptors in sensory neurons and the medicinal blow fly (Phaenicia sericata) 
93  93-5 Franklin, AM*; Rankin, KJ; Ospina-Rozo, L; Medina, I; Garcia, JE; Dong, CM; Ng, L; Wang, L-Y; Aulsebrook, AE; Stuart-Fox, DMirror camouflage: Busting the myth 
93  93-6 Schweikert, LE*; Thomas, KN; Moreno, VM; Casaubon, A; Golightly, C; Bracken-Grissom, HD Ecological predictors of eye size in deep-sea shrimp 
93  93-7 Murphy, MJ*; Westerman, ELThe effect of habitat on visual sensitivity across animal phyla 
93  93-8 Smedley, GD*; McElroy, KE; Serb, JMDistinguishing between additive and epigenetic effects in light absorbance of mutant retinochromes  
93  93-9 Ernst, DA*; Westerman, ELInvestigating sensory system variation in the developing butterfly: A molecular approach 
93  93-10 Zhang, S*; Gray, JRPopulation coding of visual motion detection and control of avoidance behaviours in locusts 
93  93-11 Cribellier, A*; Spitzen, J; Straw, AD; van Leeuwen, JL; Muijres, FTEscape flight performances of night-active malaria mosquitoes: the role of visual and airflow cues of an approaching object 
93  93-12 Mishra, AThe innate floral template of a generalist pollinator