SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 94

Sensory Biology I
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Alexandra Kingston

94  94-1 Fabian, ST*; Zhou, R; Lin, HTDragon-drop: The passive mechanism and active control of the dragonfly’s aerial righting behaviour  
94  94-2 Palermo, N*; Hershman, M; Proenca, M; Theobald, J Drosophila melanogaster increase steering errors when relying on restricted-area optic flow fields  
94  94-3 Lingenfelter, B; van Breugel, F*Tradeoffs in spatial integration of optic flow for visual velocity estimation in flying insects 
94  94-4 Jordan, KA*; Yarger, AM; Fox, JLHalteres increase takeoff speed in calyptratae 
94  94-5 Mo, A*; Kamska, V; Contreras, FB; Daley, M; Badri-Spröwitz, ADeveloping a mechanical model for intraspinal mechanosensing in avians 
94  94-6 Johnsen, S*; Lohmann, KL; Warrant, EJThe wobbly compass needle: are the peculiarities of magnetic orientation behavior partially explained by low signal relative to noise? 
94  94-7 Kingston, ACN*; Chappell, DR; Speiser, DIA snapping shrimp has the fastest vision of any aquatic animal 
94  94-8 Uhrhan, MJ*; Fabian, JM; Siwanowicz, I; Lin, HTThe sensory apparatus of dragonfly wings: sensor distribution and morphologies 
94  94-9 Weber, AI*; Daniel, TL; Brunton, BWNeural encoding and structural properties interact to determine optimal placement of sparse, spiking sensors on an insect wing 
94  94-10 Balebail, S*; Sisneros, JAUsing finite element analysis to investigate the role of the swim bladder in directional hearing by the plainfin midshipman (Porichthys notatus) 
94  94-11 Natesan, D*; Dave, SD; Saxena, N; Sane, SPFlexibility of reflexes: How Johnston's organs modulate the antennal set-point in flying hawkmoths 
94  94-12 Goyal, P*; Cribellier, A; Croon, G; Lankheet, M; Leeuwen, J; Pieters, R; Muijres, FBumblebees land by adjusting the set-point of optical expansion rate in a stepwise manner