SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 95

Sensory Biology II
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Elias Lunsford

95  95-1 Parkinson, RH*; Kessler, S; Miriyala, A; Wright, GABumblebee sweet taste is encoded by a population of gustatory receptor neurons 
95  95-2 Hardy, AR*; Hale, METaste bud abundance and distribution on the paired fins of damselfish 
95  95-3 Eap, D*; Correa, S; Ngo-Vu, H; Derby, CDChemosensory basis of feeding behavior in pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei 
95  95-4 Palecanda, S*; Steck, M; Porter, MLOpsin expression during development in Gonodactylaceus falcatus: Investigating the role of ultraviolet sensitivity in stomatopod larvae  
95  95-5 Chandrasegaran, K*; Vinauger, CDeciphering the mechanistic links between larval ecology and host-seeking behavior in mosquitoes 
95  95-6 Lunsford, ET*; Keene, AC; Liao, JCEvolution of eye loss shapes lateral line sensitivity of blind cavefish during swimming: new insights from neurophysiology 
95  95-7 Enriquez, MS*; Swanson, N; McGaugh, SE; Gluesenkamp, A; Mensinger, AFAuditory threshold differences in recently diverged cave populations of the Mexican tetra Astyanax mexicanus 
95  95-8 Thomas, KN*; Gower, DJ; Streicher, JW; Bell, RC; Fujita, MK; Schott, RK; Douglas, RHOcular transmission across frog and toad diversity 
95  95-9 Schott, RK*; Bell, RC; Ellis, LR; Thomas, KN; Streicher, JW; Gower , DJ; Fujita, MKVisual adaptations in the transition from aquatic to terrestrial light environments in the life cycle of southern leopard frogs 
95  95-10 Havens, LT*; Taylor, BK; Lohmann, KJStudying a black box: investigating processing of a receptorless sense 
95  95-11 Rump, MT*; Kozma, MT; Derby, CDG-protein coupled receptors in chemosensory organs of decapod crustaceans 
95  95-12 Tidswell, BK*; Tytell, EDThe role of vision and flow sensing in the schooling behavior of giant danios