SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 97

Sensory Structure-Function
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Kathryn Stanchak

97  97-1 Sánchez-Martínez, PM; Daza, JD*; Hoyos, JMEvolution of the lizard middle ear 
97  97-2 Marcé-Nogué, J*; Liu, JBiomechanical and morphological fidelity of CT based 3D models for Zebrafish conductive hearing system 
97  97-3 Mikel-Stites, MR*; Salcedo, MK; Socha, JJ; Staples, AEThree-dimensional imaging of tympanal membranes in a parasitoid fly enables a new model of hearing  
97  97-4 Jenkins, KM*; Bhullar, BASThe role of the stapes in the evolution of reptilian hearing 
97  97-5 Fleming, RC*; Hoke, KLa 3d finite element model for sound transmission in an amphibian middle ear  
97  97-6 McCarter, MG*; Loudon, CRapid recoil of filiform insect antennae 
97  97-7 Geldof, DL*; Summers, AP; Cohen, KEAn overview and definition of cirri in fishes 
97  97-8 Jones, AE*; Conway, KW; Webb, JWThe best of both worlds: regional specialization in the mechanosensory system of the silverjaw minnow, Ericymba buccata 
97  97-9 Stanchak, KE*; Miller, KE; Lumsden, EW; Davis, CG; Brunton, BW; Perkel, DJImmunohistochemical exploration of hypothesized mechanosensory features in the avian lumbosacral spinal cord 
97  97-10 Lessner, EJ*; Holliday, CMEcomorphology and morphological diversity of trigeminal nerve-mediated somatosensation in sauropsids 
97  97-11 Clark, AE*; Meredith, TL; Porter, MEUsing diceCT to quantify in situ olfactory rosette morphology among elasmobranchs 
97  97-12 Patmore, JM*; Reiss, JOMorphology of the larval olfactory organ in the Koh Tao Island caecilian (Ichthyophis kohtaoensis) 
97  97-13 Zhao, A*; Iyer, N; Kim, E; Reiser, MAn outside-in comparative study of visual systems in the Drosophila melanogaster subgroup 
97  97-14 Shrimpton , SJ*; Streicher , JW; Gower, DJ; Bell, RC; Fujita, MK; Schott, RK; Thomas, KNEye-body allometry across biphasic ontogeny in anuran amphibians