SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 98

Skull & Jaw Functional Morphology & Evolution
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Kelsey Stilson

98  98-1 Wilken, AT*; Sellers, KC; Cost, IN; Middleton, KM; Witmer, LM; Holliday, CMBird brains, jaw muscles, and the origin of avian cranial kinesis 
98  98-2 Van Wassenbergh, S*; Pauly, E; Abourachid, AHow woodpeckers manage to retract their beak quickly after it got stuck in wood 
98  98-3 Lowie, A*; Herrel, A; De Kegel, B; Wilkinson, M; Measey, GJ; O'Reilly, JC; Kley, N; Gaucher, P; Brecko, J; Kleinteich, T; Adriaens, DUnder pressure: the relationship between cranial shape and in vivo maximal burrowing force in caecilians (Gymnophiona) 
98  98-4 Zobek, CM*; D'Amore, D; Dillman, CBMorphological adaptations of the skull and teeth in kingsnakes (Serpentes: Colubridae) for skink predation 
98  98-5 Jacisin, JJ*; Fielder, C; Hibbitts, TJ; Ryberg, WA; Walkup, DK; Meik, JM; Lawing, AMMorphological variation of cranial elements in the western massasauga (Sistrurus tergeminus) 
98  98-7 Deakin, WJ*; Anderson, PSL; den Boer, W; Hill, JJ; Rücklin, M; Donoghue, PCJ; Rayfield, EJTheoretical functional morphology reveals morphological evolution of the first jaws tracks a Pareto optimal front 
98  98-8 Holliday, CM*; Wilken, AT; Sullivan, SP; Sellers, KC; Cost, IN; Middleton, KMMyology of the Reptilia 
98  98-9 Sellers, KC*; Clark, JM; Middleton, KM; Holliday, CASkull shape, muscle orientation, and joint loading in a biomechanical transformation: Evolution of the suchian skull 
98  98-10 Fortner, JD*; Wilken, AT; Sellers, KC; Cost, IN; Holliday, CMFinite element modeling the effect of symphyseal tissue properties and the intramandibular joint on Tyrannosaurus rex mandibular biomechanics 
98  98-11 Gálvez-López, E*; Cox, PGCranial shape variation in minks: Separating two highly similar species 
98  98-12 Capano, JG*; Kaczmarek, EB; Lomax, JJ; Turner, ML; Brainerd, EL; Ryerson, WGReticulated pythons roll their hemimandibles and splay their quadrates to engulf enormous prey