SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session BSP-10

DPCB Best Student Presentation: Wake Award
Day: Sun Jan 3 - 16:30-18:15 Chairs: David Blackburn

BSP-1016:30 BSP-10-1 Rosales, K*; Edsinger, EComparative analysis of cephalopod mitochondrial genomes reveals rapid sequence convergence across replicated genes or control regions within individuals 
BSP-1016:45 BSP-10-2 Elhamod, M*; Maruf, MA; Mandke , PK; Karpatne, ABiology-guided neural network for species classification 
BSP-1017:00 BSP-10-3 Boyette, JL*; Bell, RC; Fujita, MK; Thomas, KN; Streicher, JW; Gower, DJ; Schott, RKEvolution of non-visual opsin genes across life history transitions in frogs 
BSP-1017:15 BSP-10-4 Zapfe, KL*; Hodge, JR; Larouche, O; Friedman, ST; Wainwright, PC; Price, SAThe evolution of bold color patterns across teleost fishes 
BSP-1017:30 BSP-10-5 Anderson, NK*; Schuppe, ER; Gururaja, KV; Hebbar, P; Mangiamele, LA; Cusi Martinez, JC; von May, R; Preininger, D; Fuxjager, MJConvergent evolution of an elaborate display behavior in frogs is associated with similar changes to the androgen hormone system 
BSP-1017:45 BSP-10-6 Camper, BT*; Friedman, ST; Wainwright, PC; Price, SAEvaluation of body size and shape variation across latitude in teleost fishes 
BSP-1018:00 BSP-10-8 Iverson, ENK*; Havird, JCHow to get high: Positive selection on mitochondrial genes in high-elevation species 
BSP-1018:15 BSP-10-9 Karan, EA*; Schwartz, ST; Perillo, M; Alfaro, MEIt’s not just a phase: evolutionary and functional consequences of sexually dimorphic color pattern diversity in labrid fishes