SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session BSP-11

DVM Best Student Presentation: D. Dwight Davis Award
Day: Sun Jan 3 - 14:00-16:00 Chairs: Patricia Hernandez

BSP-1114:00 BSP-11-1 Koeller, KLLimbs, shoulders, necks, and trunks: A search for the neck-trunk boundary in snakes using a comparative anatomical study of legless lizards 
BSP-1114:15 BSP-11-2 Griffing, AH*; Sanger, TJ; Gamble, TInvestigating serial homology of the adhesive structures of diplodactylid lizards (Reptilia: Gekkota) 
BSP-1114:30 BSP-11-3 Leahy, AM*; Fish, FENot to be flip: Anatomy and novel tendon morphology of the California sea lion hindflipper  
BSP-1114:45 BSP-11-4 Herbst, EC*; Eberhard, E; Manafzadeh, AR; Richards, C; Hutchinson, JRNew methods support the possibility of a salamander-like walk in the Permian tetrapod Eryops 
BSP-1115:00 BSP-11-5 Coombs, E*; Clavel, J; Felice, R; Bennion, R; Beatty, B; Goswami, A; Park, T; Churchill, M; Geisler, JInfluences on cranial morphology in whales: Investigating the evolutionary history and diversity of the cetacean skull 
BSP-1115:15 BSP-11-6 Smith Paredes, D*; Vergara, ME; Stundl, J; Moses, MM; Behringer, RR; Cerny, R; Bhullar, BASExploring the evolution of the tetrapod limb musculature by studying its embryology 
BSP-1115:30 BSP-11-7 Huie, JM*; Hall, KC; Summers, AP; Conway, KWStick with it: convergent evolution of eco-morphotypes in clingfishes 
BSP-1115:45 BSP-11-8 Chaumel, J*; Schotte, M; Bizzarro, JJ; Zaslansky, P; Fratzl, P; Baum, D; Dean, MNDo the cells in stingray mineralized cartilage perform the roles of bone cells? Quantitative analysis of the lacuno-canalicular network in stingray tesserae