SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session BSP-4

DEDB Best Student Presentation
Day: Sun Jan 3 - 14:00-16:00 Chairs: Deirdre Lyons

BSP-414:00 BSP-4-1 Root, ZD*; Allen, C; Brewer, M; Gould, C; Medeiros, DMStraw, sticks, and bricks: Genome duplication and the evolution of fibrillar collagens in the vertebrate musculoskeletal system 
BSP-414:15 BSP-4-2 Gomez-Picos, P*; Ovens, K; Eames, BFA conserved transcriptional program underlies mesoderm- and neural crest-derived chondrocytes 
BSP-414:30 BSP-4-3 Gavazzi, LM*; Kjosness, KM; Reno, PLPisiform reduction in hominoids and sloths: phenotypic convergence through developmental diversity 
BSP-414:45 BSP-4-4 Verstraete, CJ*; Leys, SPDevelopment of the amphiblastula of the calcareous sponge Sycon coactum 
BSP-415:00 BSP-4-5 Hulett, RE*; Loubet-Senear, K; Kimura, JO; Srivastava, MComparing nervous system development and regeneration in the acoel Hofstenia miamia 
BSP-415:15 BSP-4-6 Nanes Sarfati, D*; Xue, Y; Byrne, AL; Le, D; Darmanis, S; Sikes, J; Wang, BThe acoel Convolutrilba longifissura fuels up for regeneration through its algal symbionts 
BSP-415:30 BSP-4-7 Gainett, G*; Sharma, PPHow do arachnids make antennae out of legs? An evo-devo approach in whip spiders (Amblypygi)  
BSP-415:45 BSP-4-8 Arnaout, B*; Lantigua, KE; Mackenzie, EM; McKinnell, IW; Maddin, HCComparative histology of developing sutures in the chicken skull with implications for the homology of the frontal bone