SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session BSP-5

DEDE Best Student Presentation
Day: Sun Jan 3 - 16:30-18:30 Chairs: Laura Zimmerman

BSP-516:30 BSP-5-1 Ramesh, A*; Jones, T; Dorleans, R; Totaro, L; Bashey, FCan parasite aggregation stabilize host-parasite populations? Linking individual parasite behaviour to population dynamics 
BSP-516:45 BSP-5-2 Williams, SG*; Grindstaff, JLEarly viral immune challenge alters adult behavioral phenotype in the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) 
BSP-517:00 BSP-5-3 Vasquez, D*; Park, AWDrivers of parasite abundance: Environmental vs host effects 
BSP-517:15 BSP-5-4 Brianik, CJ*; Geraci-Yee, S; Collier, J; Allam, BCompleting the life cycle of QPX: evidence of zoospores and description of a new replication pathway 
BSP-517:30 BSP-5-5 Beavers, K*; Meiling, S; MacKnight, N; Dimos, B; Brandt, M; Mydlarz, LTranscriptome analysis of five coral species infected with Scleractinian Coral Tissue Loss Disease 
BSP-517:45 BSP-5-6 Hernandez, J*; Belden, LK; Moore, ITExploring the cloacal microbiome and fitness correlates in female tree swallows 
BSP-518:00 BSP-5-7 Young, M*; Lee, J; Just, F; Angelini, DA feature-based analysis of Bombus gut microbiomes and C. bombi infection  
BSP-518:15 BSP-5-8 Houtz, JL*; Taff, CC; Vitousek, MNMicrobial diversity and flexibility are associated with lay date in a wild songbird