SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session BSP-6

DEE Best Student Presentation: Huey Award
Day: Sun Jan 3 - 14:00-16:00 Chairs: Christine Miller

BSP-614:00 BSP-6-1 Klabacka, RL*; Parry, HA; Yap, KN; Cook, RA; Heron, TA; Horne, LM; Maldonado, JA; Oaks, JR; Kavazis, AN; Fujita, MK; Schwartz, TSReduced endurance and mitochondrial respiration in hybrid asexual lizards (genus: Aspidoscelis) 
BSP-614:15 BSP-6-2 Stager, M*; Senner, NR; Swanson, DL; Cheviron, ZAThe environmental drivers of variation in Junco physiological flexibility 
BSP-614:30 BSP-6-3 Pruett, JE*; Warner, DADevelopmental temperatures differentially affect survival across life stages 
BSP-614:45 BSP-6-4 Klompen, AML*; Kayal, E; Collins, AG; Cartwright, PWhy are box jellyfish so toxic? Phylogenetic and selection analysis of an expanded family of putatively pore-forming jellyfish toxins across medusozoans (Cnidaria: Medusozoa) 
BSP-615:00 BSP-6-5 Mauro, AM*; Torres-Dowdall, J; Marshall, CA; Ghalambor, CKHow tradeoffs constrain evolvability at the range limit of the Trinidadian guppy 
BSP-615:15 BSP-6-6 Tran, LL*; Johansen, JLReproductive consequences of environmental stress in a Hawaiian coral reef fish 
BSP-615:30 BSP-6-7 Jongsma, GFM*; Barve, N; Allen, JM; Blackburn, DCHistorical forest stability shapes contemporary patterns of afrobatrachian frog diversity in central africa 
BSP-615:45 BSP-6-8 Simonitis, LE*; Gahn, MB; Kaiser, K; Plön, S; McLellan, WA; Marshall, CDA tale of three inks: Comparison of free amino acid composition of ink from california sea hares, common cuttlefish, and pygmy sperm whales