SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session BSP-7

DIZ Best Student Presentation: Mary Rice Award
Day: Sun Jan 3 - 16:30-19:15 Chairs: Kenneth Halanych

BSP-716:30 BSP-7-1 Gatch, L*; Stein, LVenom and social behavior: using spiders to evaluate the evolution of sociality under high risk conditions 
BSP-716:45 BSP-7-8 Del Olmo, I*; Álvarez-Campos, POn the hormonal control of regeneration and reproduction in Pristina leidyi (Annelida) 
BSP-717:00 BSP-7-3 Notar, JC*; Meja, B; Johnsen, SA living shag rug: Sea urchin spine density differs by habitat and has consequences for vision 
BSP-717:15 BSP-7-4 Li, R*; Zarate, D; Avila-Magaña, V; Li, JIdentification of Photosymbiosis-related genes in marine cockles (Subfamily Fraginae) 
BSP-717:30 BSP-7-5 Branam, E*; Wong, JY; Xu, K; Chan, BKK; Koehl, MAR; Chan, KYKBiomechanical role of dorsal thoracic spine in swimming of barnacle nauplii 
BSP-718:00 BSP-7-6 Rojas, M*; Chan, KYKEnvironmental predictability: a missing link in ocean acidification sensitivity research 
BSP-718:15 BSP-7-7  Lobert, GT*; Toh, MWA; Moran, ALLarge effect of small temperature changes on embryonic development of Antarctic invertebrates 
BSP-718:45 BSP-7-9 Urban-Gedamke, E*; Conkling, M; McCarthy, PJ; Wills, PS; Pomponi, SA3-D culture of marine sponge cells: comparison of methods 
BSP-719:00 BSP-7-10 Conkling, M*; Pomponi, SAA sponge cell culture biobank for habitat restoration, biotechnology applications, and pharmaceutical development