SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P12

P: Dental and Cranial Biomechanics
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Stacy Farina

P12  P12-1 Herbst, EC*; Bastiaans, D; Miedema, F; Scheyer, TM; Lautenschlager, SHow important is modeling tooth enamel in FEA comparisons of whole skulls? Comparing common simplifications with biologically realistic models 
P12  P12-3 Calderon , JA*; Sustaita, DComparison of grasping and biting forces among rodent species in the Suisun Marsh, California 
P12  P12-4 Baker, SA*; Lewis, PJThe quantitative analysis of coronal suture separation due to cranial trauma 
P12  P12-5 Dawkins, CD*; Kruppert, SK; Donatelli , CD; Crofts, SC; Kolmann, MAKComparing apples to oranges: Tooth performance of frugivorous piranhas and pacus (Serrasalmidae)  
P12  P12-6 Mitchell, DR*; Menegaz, RAFrom pellets to palates: harder foods make hardier heads among post-weaning rats 
P12  P12-7 Teeple, JB*; Paig-Tran, EWMTiny teeth in mega filter-feeders - vestigial or functional? 
P12  P12-8 Stephens, S*; Gabriel, AN; Kaczmarek, E; Brainerd, EL; Olsen, A; Hernandez, LP; Camp, A; Farina, SCThe role of cranial mechanical linkages in gill ventilation of dorso-ventrally and laterally compressed fishes 
P12  P12-9 Simmons, MJ; Elcock, J; Evans, K; Farina, SC*Ventilatory shunting and its relationship to urohyal shape in flatfishes 
P12  P12-10 Kamau-Weng, J*; Farina, SVentilatory pressures generated by gill chambers of the chimaera Hydrolagus colliei