SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P13

P: Development and Evolution
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Kathy Gillen

P13  P13-1 DeLorenzo, L*; Powder, KEEpigenetics and the evolution of form 
P13  P13-2 Taraporevala, N*; Goodheart, J; Masterson, P; Johnston, H; Babonis, L; Lyons, DUsing laboratory culture of the nudibranch Berghia stephanieae to study reproductive development and feeding behavior 
P13  P13-4 Brandon, AA*; Martin, KT; Powder, KECraniofacial sexual dimorphism in cichlids is species-specific and occurs during development 
P13  P13-5 Drake, PM*; Franz-Odendaal, TAMasters of versatility: Placode development in an emerging experimental model, the chicken scleral ossicle system 
P13  P13-6 Arnaoudoff, LA*; Sanger, TSA three-dimensional interactive embryological atlas of Anolis sagrei based on micro-CT 
P13  P13-7 Fischer, F*; LaRocca-Stravalle, Z; Gillen, KRegeneration in Lumbriculus variegatus entails differential expression of telomerase reverse transcriptase 
P13  P13-8 Lee, Y*; Just, J; Young, M; McMahon, T; Gonzalez, J; O'Brien, DM; Angelini, DRMouthpart scaling relationships and foraging behavior in bumblebees 
P13  P13-9 Allen, CB*; Root, ZD; Medeiros, DInvestigating the functions of hyaluronan and chitin and their evolutionary importance across vertebrates 
P13  P13-10 Bennett, CE*; Braasch, IFunctional analysis of endothelin ligand genes in the development of the zebrafish neural crest cell population 
P13  P13-11 Baldwin, SC*; Benton, JL; Beltz, BSEffects of astakine and serotonin on adult neurogenesis