SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P23

P: Global Climate Change and Land-Use Change
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Isaac VanDiest

P23  P23-1 Nenstiel, R*; Donahoe, C; Hranitz, JM; Surmacz, CAssessing sublethal stress in honeybees exposed to “bee-friendly” neonicotinoid and pyrethroid pesticides 
P23  P23-2 Schoenfeldt, A*; Stack Whitney, KAssessing road traffic and roadside mowing levels on pollinator habitat quality in highway roadsides 
P23  P23-3 Roden, JW*; Bidwell, JRThe effects of impoundments on downstream food availability in relation to freshwater mussel growth and condition 
P23  P23-4 Tutelo, GA*; Welch, AMEffects of transient salinity stress on larval growth and development in the southern toad (Anaxyrus terrestris) 
P23  P23-6 Cosca, CM*; Turba, R; Jacobs, DKStriped mullet die-off after heatwave in Malibu Lagoon, Los Angeles 
P23  P23-7 Sereewit, A*; Onthank, KDo octopuses change RNA editing patterns in response to ocean acidification? 
P23  P23-8 Rahman, MS*; Rahman, MSElevated seasonal temperature disrupts prooxidant-antioxidant homeostasis and promotes cellular apoptosis in the american oyster, Crassostrea virginica: a field study 
P23  P23-9 Vandiest, IJ*; Lane, SJ; Sewall, KBEffects of urbanization on the nestling nutrition of song sparrows 
P23  P23-10 Oraha, GR*; Burnaford, JLHanging by a thread: Investigating the effect of low tide temperature on mussel attachment strength 
P23  P23-11 Merges, H*; Goddard, KCombined effects of temperature and salinity on the coral, Astrangia poculata 
P23  P23-12 Koenigsmark, A L*; Leinbach, S E; Bely, A EInjury from sediment mobility and recovery in two species of stream annelids