SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P27

P: Immunity and Immune-based Trade-offs
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Carla Madelaire

P27  P27-1 Weitzman, CL*; Salcido, D; Muchoney, N; Yoon, S; Espeset, A; Larsen, E; Lindauer, A; Slinn, H; Voyles, J; Smilanich, AMTesting the metabolic pace-of-life model among vertebrate immune responses 
P27  P27-2 McPherson, SM*; Agugliaro, J; Farrell, TM; Lind, CMOphidiomycosis, but not reproductive status, is associated with reduced post-capture glycemic response in pygmy rattlesnakes (Sistrurus miliarius) 
P27  P27-3 Garcia Neto, PG*; Titon, SCM; Assis, VR; Muxel, SM; Titon Jr, B; Ferreira, LF; Gomes, FR; Fernandes, PACEffects of immune challenge on immunological and endocrine parameters of Cururu toads (Rhinella icterica) in their natural habitat 
P27  P27-4 Madelaire, CB*; Zena, LA; Dillon, D; Pereira, D; Hunt, KE; Bícego, KC; Buck, CL; Gomes, FRBody temperature is more important than seasonality and steroid levels in determining immunity in the hibernating tegu lizard 
P27  P27-5 Titon, SCM; Titon Jr, B; Floreste, FR*; Garcia Neto, PG; Lima, AS; Ferreira, LF; Vasconcellos-Teixeira, R; Gomes, FR; Assis, VRDay vs. night: LPS effects on immunity and hormone mediators in toads 
P27  P27-6 Assis, VR*; Titon, SCM; Titon Jr, B; Gomes, FRCorticosterone transdermal application impact on toads (Rhinella icterica) phagocytosis 
P27  P27-7 Emmi, A*; Schuerman, D; Gormally, BMG; Lopes, PCSickness behavior: What’s T got to do with it? 
P27  P27-8 Koller, KL*; Kernbach, ME; Martin, LBSeasonality of West Nile virus competence in a widespread reservoir 
P27  P27-9 Stansberry, KR*; Kelly, TR; Lattin, CRIncreased phagocytic capability prior to experimental malaria inoculation may reduce likelihood of infection at no cost to body condition 
P27  P27-10 Perrine, WG*; Love, AC; Morris, AN; DuRant, SEDiet macronutrient composition affects disease pathology in Serinus canaria infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum 
P27  P27-11 Richards, KM*; Cline, NW; Burgess, EL; Brothers, CJSeagrass wasting disease severity in the Salish Sea