SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P31

P: Microbiome
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Ken Field

P31  P31-1 Bueren, EK*; Weinheimer, AR; Aylward, FO; Hsu, BB; Bradford, EL; Haak, DC; Belden, LKCharacterization of prophages in the honey bee gut 
P31  P31-2 Jones, KR*; Belden, LK; Hughey, MCExposing frog embryos to bacterial isolates: Colonization order impacts structure of the tadpole microbiome 
P31  P31-3 Wills, M*; Johnson, M; Brunmeier, E; Murphy, T; Johnson, T; Knights, D; Clayton, JB; Shields-Cutler, RRCaptivity converges the microbiomes of diverse primate species 
P31  P31-4 Alomar, N*; Farallo, V; Muñoz, M; Longo, AMicrohabitats influence on the anti-fungal bacteria diversity of Plethodontid salamanders 
P31  P31-6 Rudzki, EN*; Antonson, ND; Louder, MIM; Schelsky, WM; Hauber, ME; Kohl, KDPhylogeny does not always rule the roost: High similarity in the fecal microbiome of obligate brood parasitic nestlings and their host nestmates 
P31  P31-7 Somers, S*; Davidson, G; Quinn, JThe gut microbiome and host fitness: microbial links to nestling growth and survival in wild great tits 
P31  P31-8 Brocco French, KI*; German, DPEffect of toxins on host microbiomes in an echinoderm keystone species as an indicator of ecosystem health