SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P39

P: Species Interactions
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Bob Thacker

P39  P39-1 Gregory, CL*; Bradford, EL; Belden, LKChanges in the composition of honey bee (Apis mellifera) gut bacterial communities following disturbance by antibiotics 
P39  P39-2 Bistritz, L*; Viteri, MC; Hadly, EASmall mammal community dynamics in serpentine grasslands in California 
P39  P39-3 Tramonte, CA*; Wuitchik, DM; Aichelman, HE; Davies, SWCan we rapidly assess algal symbiont densities in facultatively symbiotic corals using photographic assessments?  
P39  P39-4 Huzar , AK*; Aichelman, HE; Davies, SWInvestigating the host buffering hypothesis: How does Breviolum psygmophilum respond to thermal challenge in and out of symbiosis with their coral host, Oculina arbuscula 
P39  P39-5 Aichelman, HE*; Benson, BE; Castillo, KD; Baumann, JH; Rippe, JP; Nieves, OC; Pereslete, AM; Stanizzi, DA; Tsang, LC; Davies, SWDiel thermal variation supports growth and symbiosis in a reef-building coral 
P39  P39-6 Knasin, L*; Wuitchik, D; Pilcher, C; Vize, PD; Davies, SWThe transcriptional response of coral-associated algal symbionts is modulated by natural environmental rhythms 
P39  P39-7 Tsang, LC*; Aichelman, HE; Benson, BE; Davies, SWDiel thermal variability structures algal and microbial symbiont communities in the reef-building coral, Siderastrea siderea 
P39  P39-8 Schaefer, JL*; Ayers, DA conceptual framework for phenological mismatches: interspecific interactions modulate consumer-resource mismatches under environmental change 
P39  P39-9 White, ER*; Weis, VMCharacterizing the role of nutrient transporters in development and symbiosis establishment in Exaiptasia diaphana 
P39  P39-10 Akther, T; Easson, CG; Collin, R; Thacker, RW*Comparing adult and larval microbiomes in the tropical sponges Neopetrosia sigmafera and Xestospongia bocatorensis 
P39  P39-11 Stormer, HG*; Proctor, HCSnail-fur symbionts: microscopic comparison of two species of ectosymbiotic peritrich ciliates (Ciliophora: cf. Scyphidia spp.) from freshwater snails 
P39  P39-12 Zarate, MA*; Shanee, S; Schmitt, CAPredicting suitable habitat for the critically endangered yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda) in Peru 
P39  P39-13 Clark, D*; Pechenik, JA; Robbat Jr., AExploring the effects of toxic red tide algae (Karenia brevis) on development of the marine snail Crepidula fornicata