SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P7

P: Biomaterials, Adhesion, Sensing, and Internal Flows
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Lindsay Waldrop

P7  P7-1 Brainard, CR*; Summers, D; Cohen, KE; Kruppert, S; Summers, AP; Kolmann, MAFlexible armor: overlap and microstructure of poacher (Agonidae) armor 
P7  P7-2 Karkosiak, KQ*; Coonfield, AJ; Ediriweera, CU; Maksuta, DD; Blackledge, TAAre spider egg sacs extra hydrophobic? 
P7  P7-3 Jackson, BJ*; Naughton, L; Donatelli, C; Porter, M; Summers, A; Kruppert, SBody and armor stiffness of the spearnose poacher Agonopsis vulsa (Actinopterygii; Agonidae) 
P7  P7-4 Hagood, ME*; Porter, MEAnisotropic structural and mechanical properties of shark skin 
P7  P7-5 Knaub, J*; Heerdegen, I; Ruddy, B; Ingle, D; Porter, MEMineral architecture in cartilaginous shark vertebrae 
P7  P7-6 Kim, B*; Orlovic, I; Yee, R; He, Y; Waldrop, LDCirculatory resistivity increases costs of circulatory transport in peristaltic systems 
P7  P7-7 Alexander, JRS*; Hagood, ME; Porter, MESex-specific variation in the structure and mechanical properties of shark skin 
P7  P7-8 Buo, C*; Garner, AM; Londraville, RLA histological study of the blue-dashed rockskipper (Blenniella periophthalmus) 
P7  P7-9 Griner, JG*; Palecek, AM; Diamond, KM; Schoenfuss, HL; Blob, RWGeometric morphometrics of climbing kinematics in waterfall climbing goby fishes 
P7  P7-10 Yang, S*; Dao, A; Nyugen-Phuoc, K; He, Y; Waldrop, LDOdor capture by hair arrays in multiple configurations 
P7  P7-11 Bhat, A*; Madhav, M; Jayakumar, R; Cowan, N; Fortune, EEfficient localization of weakly electric fish with an electrode array