SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S10

Metachronal Coordination of Multiple Appendages for Swimming and Pumping
Day: Thu Jan 7 - 10:15-19:00 Chairs: Margaret Byron

S1010:15 S10-1 Byron, ML; Murphy, DW*; Santhanakrishnan, AIntroduction to the symposium 
S1010:30 S10-2 Kanso, ETransitions in cilia coordination 
S1011:00 S10-3 Lamont, EI*; Emlet, RBThe swimming kinematics of barnacle cyprid larvae using permanently fused setules 
S1011:30 S10-4 Takagi, DAcrobatic maneuvers of larval copepods 
S1014:00 S10-5 Kiger, KTPumping by oscillating plates: viscous to inertial transitions in metachronal arrays 
S1014:30 S10-6 Hoover, AP*; Katija, K; Daniels, J; Osborn, KA fluid-structure model for the parapodia of tomopterids 
S1015:00 S10-7 Herrera-Amaya, A; Byron, ML*Spatiotemporal asymmetry in ctenophores: metachronal locomotion at intermediate Reynolds number 
S1016:00 S10-8 Santhanakrishnan, A*; Ford, MPHydrodynamics of metachronal paddling 
S1016:30 S10-9 Garayev, K*; Murphy, DVortex interactions among pleopod pairs in a mantis shrimp swimming at high advance ratios 
S1017:00 S10-10 Ruszczyk, M*; Webster, DR; Yen, JDual phase-shifted ipsilateral metachrony in Americamysis bahia 
S1018:00 S10-11 Gemmell, BJ*; Hawkins, O; Colin, S; Sutherland, K; Costello, JPropulsion and predation in a uniquely shaped oceanic ctenophore 
S1018:30 S10-12 Daniels, J*; Aoki, N; Havassy, J; Mushegian, N; Katija, K; Osborn, KMetachronal moves in the midwater: Swimming of the polychaete Tomopteris