SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S11

Biology’s Best Friend: Bridging Disciplinary Gaps to Advance Canine Science
Day: Thu Jan 7 - 10:15-19:00 Chairs: Caleb Bryce

S1110:15 S11-1 Jimenez, AG*; Bryce, CBiology’s best friend: Bridging disciplinary gaps to advance canine science 
S1110:30 S11-2 Larson, GDog domestication through an ancient evolutionary lens 
S1111:00 S11-3 Ostrander, EA*; Parker, HG; Evans, JM; Plassais, J; Dreger, D; Harris, A; Davis, BW; McIintyre, JK; Cairns, KM; Ali, BM; Hogan , AWBig and small, short and tall, dog genes tell all 
S1111:30 S11-4 Udell, MAR*; Sipple, N; Smith, A; Vitale, KR; Thielke, LECharacterizing the dog-human bond: A comparative investigation of attachment relationships 
S1114:00 S11-5 Bryce, CMDogs as pets and pests: Global patterns of dog activity and health 
S1114:30 S11-6 Urfer, SR*; Promislow, DEL; Kaeberlein, M; Creevy, KEHeads or tails – random and not-so-random factors that influence dog lifespan 
S1115:00 S11-7 Jimenez, AGThe physiological conundrum that is the domestic dog 
S1116:00 S11-8 Davis, MSIf you want to run with the big dogs, you need to not be so human 
S1116:30 S11-9 Gompper, METhinking globally about dog populations and their wildlife conservation relevance 
S1117:00 S11-10 Hurt, AL“Anatomy” of a conservation detection dog: How an ordinary mutt becomes and elite canine conservationist 
S1118:00 S11-11 Koster, JMBroadening the scope of canine science: The dogs of the Nicaraguan forest 
S1118:30 S11-12 Wirsing, AJ*; Newsome, TMScavenging effects of large canids