SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S2

Genomic Perspectives in Comparative Physiology of Mollusks: Integration Across Disciplines
Day: Mon Jan 4 - 10:15-18:30 Chairs: Omera Matoo

S210:15 S2-1 Neiman, M*; Matoo, OIntroduction to genomic perspectives in comparative physiology of mollusks: Integration across disciplines 
S210:30 S2-2 Adema, CM*; McQuirk, KA; Seppala, O; Castillo, MGFielding freshwater snail immunity 
S211:00 S2-3 Allam, BMulti-omic approaches to reveal interactions between the hard clam and its parasite QPX 
S211:30 S2-4 Heath-Heckman, EAC*; Nishiguchi, MExploring the genomic underpinnings of symbiosis in bobtail squid 
S214:00 S2-5 Ghiselli, F*; Milani, L; Iannello, M; Piccinini, GBivalve molluscs as model systems for studying mitochondrial biology 
S214:30 S2-6 Matoo, OB*; Sharbrough, J; Neiman, M; Montooth, KLPhenotypic variation in energy metabolism across New Zealand snail populations 
S215:00 S2-7 Kelly, MW*; Smith, HN; Sirovy, KA; LaPeyre, JF; List, SM; Johnson, KMTesting how broad physiological tolerances are shaped by selection: transcriptomic variation in salinity, temperature, and hypoxia responses in the eastern oyster 
S216:00 S2-8 Furr, D; Ketchum, RN; Leach, WB; Ivanina, AV; Reitzel, AM*Genetic and environmental correlates of physiology and gene expression for the eastern oyster in the southeastern United States 
S216:30 S2-9 Churches, N; Chancellor, J; Chang, P; Nuzhdin , S*Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) dramatically recalibrate the model for the upper limit of the eukaryotic mutation rate 
S217:00 S2-10 Roberts, SRA perspective on DNA methylation in bivalves