SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S3

Physical Mechanisms of Behavior
Day: Mon Jan 4 - 10:15-19:00 Chairs: Patrick Green

S310:15 S3-1 Green, PA*; Rico-Guevara, AIntroduction to the symposium: Physical mechanisms of behavior 
S310:30 S3-2 Brennan, PLR*; Sterett, M; DiBuono, M; Klo, K; Marsden, R; Schleinig, P; Tanner , L; Purdy, SWhen the uterus is a vagina: Intra-horn insemination in the alpaca and consequences to genital morphology coevolution and 3-D shape 
S311:00 S3-3 Johnson, MA*; Kirby, R; Fresquez, CC; Wang, S; Stehle, CM; Templeton, AR; Losos, JB; Kamath, AField studies of lizard copulation: from physiological mechanisms of mating to behavioral correlates of paternity 
S311:30 S3-4 Clark, CJSeven ways that wings produce sound in flight 
S314:00 S3-5 Russell, ALEcological and evolutionary consequences of flexible foraging behavior for bees and flowers 
S314:30 S3-6 Rico-Guevara, AHummingbird bill-flower matching 
S315:00 S3-7 McHenry, MJ*; Peterson, AN; Soto, APChance events and strategic behavior in the predator-prey interactions of fishes 
S316:00 S3-8 Crofts, SBWhat is the point of defensive spines? 
S316:30 S3-9 Stankowich, TDon't touch! The function and evolution of defensive spines in mammals 
S317:00 S3-10 Green, PA*; Rico-Guevara, AQ&A on foraging and avoidance: Russell, Rico-Guevara, McHenry, Crofts, and Stankowich 
S318:00 S3-11 Laidre, MEFrom Behavior to Architecture and Back: the Evolution of Social ('so-shell') Life in Social Hermit Crabs 
S318:30 S3-12 Taylor, JRA*; Lowder, K; deVries, MExoskeleton weapons and defenses in crustacean conflicts 
S319:00 S3-13 Rico-Guevara, A*; Green, PAQ&A on sexual selection: Brennan, Johnson, Clark, Laidre, and Taylor