SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S4

Biology Beyond the Classroom: Experiential Learning Through Authentic Research, Design, and Community Engagement
Day: Tue Jan 5 - 10:30-17:30 Chairs: Ali Hansen

S410:30 S4-1 Hansen, AKIntroduction to the symposium: biology beyond the classroom 
S410:45 S4-2 Lent, DD*; Hansen, AKMaking interdisciplinary learning continuous across education 
S411:00 S4-3 Full, RJ*; Estrada, M; Watson, L; Bhatti, HAi4’s toward tomorrow program: Bioinspired design realized by creativity, collaboration, and connection 
S411:15 S4-4 Bhatti, HA*; Ruopp, R; McPherson, A; Full, RJEarly technology-based intervention promotes self-efficacy in a bioinspired design course 
S411:30 S4-5 Staab, KLImplementing fabrication as a pedagogical tool in vertebrate anatomy courses: motivation, lessons, and outcomes 
S411:45 S4-6 Takara, C*; Hu, A; Sathish, T; Takara, E; Tejada, I; Medina-Sanchez, P; Chavez-Melendez, J; Guerrero-Campos, A; Haile, M; Chappell, CBioJam Camp, bioexplorations driven by community connections 
S414:00 S4-7 Hove, AA*; Ward, JR; Hiatt, AL; Ventura, L; Neufeld, HS; Boyd, AE; Clarke, HD; Horton, JL; Murrell, ZEAuthentic research in the undergraduate classroom increases knowledge and appreciation for plants 
S414:15 S4-8 Zavaleta, E*; Beltran, R; Race, AHow and why does a field course close demographic gaps in EEB? 
S414:30 S4-9 Whitenack, LB*; French, LB; Hersh, BM; Nelson, MK; Thu, YMFSBio 201: A CURE-based course that scaffolds research and scientific communication 
S414:45 S4-10 Beatty, AE*; Ballen, CJ; Driessen , EP; Graze, RM; Schwartz, TSSkill-building in a molecular biology CURE: A delicate balance of structure and student independence  
S415:00 S4-11 Hernandez, T; Donnelly-Hermosillo, D*; Person, E; Hansen, AUsing zoos as a context to teach authentic research: reflections from first and second experience students taking introductory chemistry 
S415:15 S4-12 Lanier, HC*; Connors, PK; Varner, J; Dizney, L; Duggan, JM; Erb, LP; Yahnke, CJ; Flaherty, EA; Hanson, JDConnected while distant: Networking CUREs across classrooms to create community and inspire students 
S416:00 S4-13 Tucker, KP*; Glaser, RL; Marx, M; Kniss, A; Moran, CEInterdisciplinary collaboration in undergraduate service-learning  
S416:15 S4-14 Nation, JM*; Hansen, AKStudents’ experiences in community STEM programs 
S416:30 S4-15 Yep, A*; Nation, JMNuestra ciencia is our science: microbiology lessons for all 
S416:45 S4-16 Childress, MJ*; Tallapragada, M; Prosser, KLSomething Very Fishy: An ocean literacy STEAM exhibit impacts how children, teachers, and university students think about science 
S417:00 S4-17 Katti, M*; Mulvey, K L; Caslin, M; Joy, A; Orcutt, D; Eseryel, DForests after Florence: a model to engage disaster-impacted students in informal learning through relevant field research 
S417:15 S4-18 Merrill, AN*; Hirzel, GE; Westerman, EUsing citizen science to assess the effect of wing pattern and weather on butterfly behavior